"Rage Road" Game

Original title: Rage Road


Feel like a ferocious gangster on the run in the online game Rage Road. You're being chased by members of a rival clan who have orders to take you dead or alive. Quickly jump into the car and get away from the chase. The enemies will be chasing you in two jeeps. Shoot your shotgun to evade the chase and keep the enemies from getting close to you. This dynamic shooter race will appeal to all fans of shooter and action games. Jump into your car and show everyone your skill in fast driving and marksmanship in shooting at moving targets. Enjoy the colorful game plot and overcome all the obstacles in your way. Try to shoot accurately and get away from your pursuers as soon as possible. Enjoy the beautiful graphics and simple controls while playing this exciting Rage Road race. Control your car with the mouse or swipe your finger on the sensor of your device. This game will appeal to gamers of all ages. Start this dynamic game and enjoy speed and drive.


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