"Puzzling Estate Escape" Game

Original title: Puzzling Estate Escape


It's harvest time, and people don't know which side the tractor starts! Well, it's a bad luck to get into a talentless team. Hope in a game quest Puzzling Estate Escape at Zarium can only rely on their own strength.

In Search of the Golden Key

You will have to examine the territory of the farm. Neglectful predecessors have left a complete shambles, turning the whole farm upside down. The territory is full of seemingly useless, jumbled puzzles and cryptic messages. But somehow they used to work here!

You'll have to ponder over the patterns to figure out all the puzzles in sequence. Each of the solved puzzles brings a clue to the next step. In the end you'll get your tractor ready for work and get the coveted key to go to the harvest.