"Rescue The Naughty Kitten" Game

Original title: Rescue The Naughty Kitten


Almost all pet owners have experienced disobedience. Especially as a child. In Rescue The Naughty Kitten you have to go into the dark forest to find your lost kitten. Be careful, the clues can be in the most unexpected places.

A Logic game for the attentive!

Try as soon as possible to find his pet before he fell into a hunting trap or became lunch for a wild animal. Maybe he chased a beautiful butterfly and got lost, or maybe someone deliberately kidnapped him. You can only find out when you solve all the puzzles, of which there are many in this forest. Somewhere you need to compose a word, and in another place to collect a mosaic. Each solved puzzle will give you a hint on the kitten's location. If you do everything correctly and collect all the clues, you can find your fluffy friend and bring him home.