"Police Car Prisoner Transport" Game

Original title: Police Car Prisoner Transport


Do you like games where you have to drive different kinds of cars? Have you ever tried your hand at driving military vehicles? If not, then turn on the game Police Car Prisoner Transport and learn a new complex type of transport.

Play and learn how to drive military vehicles

In this simulator you'll get the opportunity to drive different military vehicles in different conditions. In each of the fourteen levels you'll have a new vehicle: the jeep will take you not only on the road, but also on a hill, then the vehicle will be loaded into the helicopter and you'll get to drive it. Also you will be driving a truck with army cargo and the most dangerous vehicle in the game - the tank. You have to control all these vehicles not only on a difficult route, but also in a military garrison, where you have to skillfully maneuver between buildings, crates and other machines. Use WASD to control them.


WASD to move vehicle