"Pigeon Escape 2" Game

Original title: Pigeon Escape 2


Not all trainers and collectors of rare pigeons realize their hobbies honestly. It happens that they simply lure other people's pigeons into a trap to get their hands on a unique specimen. Credulity has failed Pigeon Faggot, and now he is a prisoner of the evil collector. But the thief clearly underestimated Pigeon's abilities.

Free as a bird in the sky

Yes, that's about our Dude's character. Besides, the Dude is an intellectual. The clever bird decides to find a way out and escape from captivity. Are you ready to help make a daring escape? Then it is necessary in the format of a puzzle quest to explore the house of the pigeon thief on Zarium, while he was away, and at the hints to find a cache with a spare key to the door.

There are strange objects and riddles all over the house. Explore them and it will lead you to the stash! You must hurry before the villain returns!