"Paper Flight 2" Game

Original title: Paper Flight 2


Ever been to Manhattan? Have you been to Paris or London? If not, that's not a problem. A private paper airplane awaits you, and you begin your journey from North America, specifically from Manhattan. The flight is not that fast and comfortable, and on such a plane, in a couple of hours, anywhere in the world, you will not get.

Where to this time?

From America to Europe. The journey is long and long, but interesting. Run as far as possible your paper friend, so, you will be able to get away from a boring place to some other place quicker. The distance is divided into a certain number of meters. Each flight gives you a cash prize. For them, you can buy the skills necessary for your vehicle.

For example, immunity to wind resistance or a strong arm. With these skills, you'll cover greater distances in less time. Who knows, maybe with the purchase of all the skills, you might actually be able to fly it.