Original title: PAINT ROLLER 3D


At Zarium there are a variety of online games that are designed for absolutely any player. Kids with creative inclinations can also find their entertainment here. PAINT ROLLER 3D is one of them. In this game, the most subtle, creative individuals can show their abilities and make this world a little brighter.

Repeat the picture, playing PAINT ROLLER 3D

Those who love coloring should definitely try our coloring game PAINT ROLLER 3D. The game is very easy and entertaining. All you have to do is to reproduce the picture that is shown in the preview, according to the colors that are shown there. It is not recommended to deviate from the original picture, take in the palette exactly the color that is shown in the preview. With each successive level there will be more and more colors and the game will be more exciting.


PAINT ROLLER 3D Paint the color with a paint roller to match the colors according to the Preview and complete the level