Ninja Jump Mini Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Ninja Jump Mini Game


We invite you to meet the brave hero of Kyoto ninja. Everyone knows about him because he helps fight enemy forces and cleans the city of criminals. The most influential people of the city work with him. This time, he has received a task from the head of his order. The task is not an easy one, but you have to help him. Your character must penetrate into the house of a Japanese aristocrat and steal the treasury. You in the game Ninja Jump Mini Game will help him in this. On your screen will appear multi-storey tower. On each floor will appear gold coins. It is them your character will have to collect. Your character will have to get from floor to floor. Run across the field and collect the coins. As soon as he picks up all of them you will have to click on the screen with your mouse. At this point your hero will make a jump and hit the floor, finding himself on another floor. During the game be careful, because there will be different traps on his way. By controlling the hero you have to avoid falling into these traps.