"Miss Beautiful Fairy Contest" Game

Original title: Miss Beautiful Fairy Contest


Stylists, makeup artists and cosmetologists, we are waiting for you! The fairy, beautiful as a flower, is going to the ball and is ready to entrust you with her appearance. Do not deceive her hopes, think out her image perfectly.

Dive into the world of beauty in the Miss Beautiful Fairy Contest!

A great pastime for all beauties and fairy fans. If you adore decorating, choosing outfits and putting on makeup, then this is a great simulator that will entertain you in a fun and interesting way. You will be able to try a combination of different colors of makeup, hairstyles, clothes, embody all the bold and creative solutions that you have not yet dared in life. Quench your desire to do makeup and clothing selection can be in this full of options for every stage of the game. Experiment with color and style, these skills will not go away!

You can play online, for free and without registration. Develop your taste by playing your favorite dress-up games.