"Minecraft World Adventure" Game

Original title: Minecraft World Adventure


In this game you have to jump on platforms to help the main character get home. To make the jump, press the left mouse button, but be careful, you can't be in a hurry in this case.

Only go ahead with the game Minecraft World Adventure

Your task in this game is to guide your character home. Jump on the platforms, but be careful. Before you move to the next platform you have to wait and choose the right moment, otherwise you will fly past and the game will have to start again.

That's not all, the main difficulties are ahead. To jump to the last platform, where the house is located, it is necessary to pass by the moving rocket. Take your time, choose the right moment and jump. That's all, you're home. You are waiting for 7 exciting and quite difficult levels with your favorite characters of the well-known game Minecraft.