"Minecraft Coin Adventure 2" Game

Original title: Minecraft Coin Adventure 2


The point of the game is to collect gold coins. They are located on various ledges and blocks, the main stone, which collects them must, with your help, roll so that all the coins have been collected, and he himself fell into the piggy bank.

Collect a lot of gold in the game Minecraft Coin Adventure 2

A great test of your eyesight and accuracy. You have to cut the rope on which the main stone is suspended in time, and then, maneuvering the moving platforms, direct its movement on the islets on which the gold coins lie. The main stone must necessarily roll to its destination - the mountain of gold. Avoid his fall, it leads to the end of the level. The complexity of the game grows, increasing both the number of coins and dangerous areas. Be careful and thrifty.

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