"Master Plumber" Game

Original title: Master Plumber


All of us since childhood know where our tap water comes from. Of course, from the pipes. But here's the problem, someone has broken the water system, and our fairy tale characters are sitting without water. They call for your help, because they can not cope with this task alone.

Fix all the pipes

This game is from the section of logical games. Fix the pipes you can only with the help of your own logic. You have to try on the role of the plumber.

On your playing field will appear fragments of pipes. Your task is to connect them in such a way that the water could get to the tap. From the first levels may seem that this is a child's puzzle, but it is absolutely not. The larger the level, the more difficult the challenge becomes. Each time there will be more debris. Only logic and attentiveness will help you pass all levels.


1 Features of the water pipe games you can connect the water pipe online 2 It s easy to click but it takes more mental challenges 3 Super many water level need challenge unique water game