"Mandala Maker Online" Game

Original title: Mandala Maker Online


A mandala is a closed geometric pattern that is highly prized as art in some Indian cultures. But also, it's a great way to relax and entertain yourself for a couple of hours. You have the opportunity to create your own mandala with a little imagination. Play Mandala Maker Online, where you can draw a real masterpiece. In the panel on the right you will find all the tools you need. Let's try to figure them out. In the color option, you'll be able to use the brush to choose which ones you want to use. You can start your choice with the background. Determine what color will be there. You can choose a different color for each line, or you can make the mandala black and white altogether. It's up to you. Also, you can choose how much you want to divide the pattern, and how big the pattern will be. To start drawing, hold down the left mouse button and swipe left or right. The pattern will create automatically with mirror mode. Experiment a bit to get a good result. You can erase what you have done, or you can save the resulting picture on your desktop.


Computer - mouse | Mobile - Touch