"Mahjong Jungle World" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mahjong Jungle World


The mahjong game quickly won the love of gamers. This prompted the developers to come up with new versions. So the game Mahjong Jungle World was born.

Show your ingenuity Mahjong Jungle World

Today you are invited to play a colorful jungle. Here you will have to walk along the confusing paths. Not to get lost you will help logic. Trust her and you're sure to succeed. Your walk will turn into a mahjong puzzle. On the rectangular slabs of stone are drawn various objects. Some of them relate to the forest, while others have nothing to do with it at all. But, in fact, it doesn't matter.

Your task is to look for the same tiles and remove them from the playing field, unless, of course, something interferes with you. The main thing is that the tile is not limited on the sides by other game dice. Well, and, of course, be aware of time.