"Mafia Poker" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mafia Poker


Mafia Poker is a fascinating game of chance. The rules are about the same as in real poker. Its main "highlight" can be called a unique Texas atmosphere, able to take the player to the world of adventures and Westerns. Click the left mouse button on the bottom of the screen "call", "raise" and others, if you want to make a bet. Your partners will be men in Texas hats and girls who look like characters from movies about the Wild West. Mafia Poker is a unique chance to play cards for free. People who dream of a game of cards, but are afraid of losing, can try their hand at the Texas arcade.


Classical Texas Hold 'em Poker game rules apply. Briefly: the main goal is to gather all of the chips each player around the table has. A round of poker is won by having the highest winning combination of 5 cards consisting of the 2 cards in a player's hand and the 5 cards on the table. A player proceeds to he next round of bets only if their bet is equal to the other players'.