"Jumpy Tile" Game

Original title: Jumpy Tile


Jumpy Tile game belongs to the category of puzzle games and you can play this logic game for free. Playing Jumpy Tile you can test your dexterity, reaction speed and attention. On the screen in front of you will see a cube of a color. He will have to fly in the air to a certain height. To make it happen, you just need to click on the screen. Thus, you will be constantly tossing the cube. On the way your character will be waiting for various obstacles. You must not allow the cube to collide with them. If this happens, it will fall and you will lose the round. Control the cube and try to pass through the obstacles and past the other cubes. Click the left or right mouse button or the arrow key to control the cube. This fun game will appeal to adults and children alike and give them a fun time.


Tap on screen to play