"Jumping Buddy" Game

Original title: Jumping Buddy


The main character of the arcade game Jumping Buddy is a funny rag doll Buddy. He lives in the world of toys, and his biggest dream is to climb the highest rock, and for this Buddy will need your help. Doll doesn't need special climbing equipment to make his dream come true. Lucky for him the cliff is surrounded by a lot of clouds. If you deftly jump on them, you can easily climb to the very top. As soon as the signal sounds, Buddy will start his difficult ascent. You have to use the control keys or by touching the touch screen to tell the doll in what direction he should jump. Cloud by cloud, and Buddy is gradually approaching his goal. The most important thing is not to let him fall, otherwise the level will have to start all over again.


Mouse, tap on the screen or tilt the phone to play.