"Highway Drive 2D" Game

Original title: Highway Drive 2D


Highway Drive 2D is an exciting dynamic race in which you have to choose your favorite car and get the maximum number of points by driving on the highway. Choose your favorite sports car and try it out on the track as you race through the winding roads. In Highway Drive 2D you will have to outrun your opponent, avoiding various obstacles to win in this dynamic race. On the screen in front of you you will see the start line. On this line will be your car and the car opponent. Step on the gas pedal on the signal and try to pull ahead. Accelerate your car to the highest possible speed. Skillfully manage the car, try to overtake rivals and other cars and come to the finish line first. Demonstrate your driving skills of the racing car and try to come to the finish line as fast as possible. Use the arrow keys, the mouse or the touch screen of your phone to control. This racing game can be played by gamers of any age who love fast driving and sports cars.


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