"Happy Birds Jigsaw" Game

Original title: Happy Birds Jigsaw


Happy Birds Jigsaw is another casual game for puzzle and puzzle lovers. Angry birds are well known and popular in the gaming space, and the main characters of Happy Birds Jigsaw are six feathered birds, who are not angry at anyone and lead a measured life in a small village. In the village of happy birds are cozy white houses, fenced with neat fences, beautiful and fragrant flowers bloom and there is always good weather. So the birds just have no reason to be angry or even sad. When you open the application, you are offered several pictures depicting scenes from the life of happy birds. You need to choose one of them with the computer mouse or by touching the touch screen. Then the algorithm splits the picture into fragments. Their size and number will depend on the selected level of difficulty. The player's task is to connect the uneven edges of all the resulting fragments on the playing field. After this, the boundaries between the parts will disappear and you can see a whole colorful picture.


Use mouse to play this game.