"Hanger HTML5 Censored" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Hanger HTML5 Censored


To run this game just open any updated browser, you do not have to specially load the flash-player, which saves time for each player. You will not notice a drastic difference in graphics, but they are still more colorful and faster. There are many themes to choose from - from zombies, racing to tetris. Take your first step towards a game from the future. Swing as far as you can, but also beware, because there are obstacles everywhere. Avoid the buzz saws and collect as many coins as possible, which will unlock other characters for a more exciting game. The controls are as simple as possible and even a beginner can handle this game. To shoot the rope, just click anywhere on the keyboard. Hurry up and increase your speed, and you will be able to appreciate your move. We wish you good luck in conquering the new era of games.


Press anywhere to shoot your rope and release to let go. Build up speed and momentum to get a nice swing going! Good Luck!