Fruit Matching Game

Original title: Fruit Matching Game


The brightest and juiciest game in the "three in a row" genre welcomes you! There are no levels in this game, in endless mode everything depends only on your cleverness and reaction speed. Can you get the maximum number of points in the game? We hope you're not intimidated by the fact that the game is for time. After all, it has a lot of bonuses that will benefit you. To solve the problem with the time limit, make combinations next to the hourglass (they will periodically appear on the playing field). In addition, a certain number of points will add precious seconds. If you collect 4 fruits together, you'll get a bomb - it destroys all the fruit in its radius of action, well, a few bombs will create a series of explosions! Collect 5 fruits together to get a chance to destroy all fruits of the same type on the field.