"Fit Balls" Game

Original title: Fit Balls


You have colorful balls of different diameters and a fancy-shaped jar. There is a mark at the top of the jar, which is the limit to which you can fill the jar. Your task is to distribute all the balls in the jar competently and not to cross the line.

Fill the pot with balls in the game Fit Balls on Zarium.

Start with the large spheres and then combine, let the small balls fill the empty spaces between the large ones. If the jar is zigzagging and the balls can get stuck, get a bigger one to push the jammed one.

You'll have to think carefully to complete the task. If you need to tamp down the spheres - use a bomb. It will shake the balls and make room. As soon as all the spheres were in the bank - the level is gone, go to the next one.

The game develops logical thinking, so it will not only be interesting to children, but also useful.


Fit All the balls inside the jar