"Draw Climber Online" Game

Original title: Draw Climber Online


Cunning and creativity are just what you need in Draw Climber Online on Zarium. An ordinary cube, wants to travel on platforms. Restless, constantly moving. Not there it was, fidgety need help. How to help? Draw his "legs", so he can move around on platforms and bypass various obstacles. The game is exciting, because you have to think through the steps of the cube and the possible obstacles on the front. It is necessary to remember the drawing lessons at school to draw the cube constructions for moving along the vertical surface. It is necessary to draw accurately, that the hero could reach the goal. Levels become more difficult each time, the player must try to "advance" the cube more actively in order to earn extra coins and unlock auxiliary items to successfully continue the game. In addition, the player has to invent supports for the cube, so that it successfully and actively passes all the complicated rounds, and round after round becomes the winner.


drag to draw a leg