"Dogecoin Escape" Game

Original title: Dogecoin Escape


Today you have to go with the main character into the monetary digital world and help him get rich. Be prepared for danger and hardship. The task is not an easy one.

Open your pockets wide in Dogecoin Escape

Together with the main character you will have to collect cryptocurrency. But, in doing so, you should be extremely careful, because you are being chased. You will be chased by Hedge funds. These are companies that provide financial services.

Remember, everyone is out to get rich off of you. You can't let that happen. Try to dodge collisions with anything that comes your way. You'll need to collect gold coins, and the more you have, the better. The world of finance is cruel, there is no mercy to anyone, so you must rely only on your agility and dexterity.

Carefully maneuver between dangerous objects and collect useful and necessary items.


was or arrow controls joystick on mobile