"Cyber Monday Escape" Game

Original title: Cyber Monday Escape


Cyber Monday is a clever ploy by advertisers who suggest not stopping to shop after Black Friday and spend money on the wave already through online stores. It seems that even the walls of this quest room are screaming, "Buy it now! You need to keep your sanity and not give in to temptation while playing on Zarium.

Thank you, don't!

There is definitely a way out of these marketing mazes. You have to look around these rooms carefully and pay attention to the clue items. There are also puzzles and challenges, solving which will give you the answer to what to do in the next step. In the finale you will find yourself in the room leading out of the confinement. All that's left is to find the key to the door.

Be smart and persistent in the game at Zarium and don't let your savings go to waste!