"Cute Angel Fasionistas" Game

Original title: Cute Angel Fasionistas


Your main task, in the game Cute Angel Fasionistas is that you have to make the angels extremely beautiful. In general, you have 3 angels with whom you have to visit a spa, a beauty salon and a shopping mall with clothes.

Make the angels look unbeatable!

Since the theme of the game Cute Angel Fasionistas - beauty, it is perfect for girls, different age category. Play this game, you can, both with your computer and smartphone. You have to choose your own gadget on which you are comfortable to play.

Show your angels what a real relaxation and rest. Give them a massage, various grooming treatments, makeup, hair and pick an interesting, stylish image. Also in this game, you can compete with your friends, about who will pick up the angels the best images. Let your creativity and imagination run wild in the game Cute Angel Fasionistas. Spend your time interesting and fun, together with our game.