"Cube Endless Jumping" Game

Original title: Cube Endless Jumping


Try to jump as high as possible in the funny puzzle arcade game "Cube: Endless Jumping". Play as a little green cube. He's in trouble, he got into an anomalous zone. There he acquired his wings and now he desperately needs to learn how to play. There is a soaring island in the sky. The protagonist wants to get exactly there and visit it in person. You will just have to help him get to that point. You will help the floating cube in the sky to flap its wings. Since he still flies pretty badly, he can't do without your help. In order to get higher he will jump on clouds. It will need to jump to a certain height. You will have to help him in determining the direction of movement.


Use mouse, tap on the screen, left and right arrows or tilt the phone to move the cube.