"Color Swap" Game

Original title: Color Swap


Color Swap is an interesting puzzle game. In this game you can help the ball to fulfill its purpose, that is, to pass the given route. On the way he is waiting for traps and all sorts of obstacles. Each obstacle will have its own zone, and different zones have different colors. Your balloon will also have its own color. If you click on the screen with your mouse, the ball will bounce. And with the help of jumps, he moves forward. Keep in mind that the ball may pass only those obstacles that have the same color as it. If you do not find the right time, the ball will collide with an obstacle of a different color. This means a real catastrophe - the ball will be broken, so it will die, and the round will be over in your favor. And if you're attentive and don't make a single mistake, you'll earn points.


Click or tap to jump up