"Color Blocks" Game

Original title: Color Blocks


Don't know what to do or how to pass the time? Play Color Blocks, where the main characters are colorful blocks. It is somewhat reminiscent of the familiar Tetris. Only here joined together several genres. What are the differences? Blocks don't fall from the top, but may appear at the bottom of the playing field at the same time, a few pieces, so you can choose the right one from them. Try to put them one on top of the other to form either columns or rows and fill the whole playing field. The more block pieces you build, the more points you earn. And this is the main goal of the game. The further you go, the harder it is to play. Try not to set the field completely, or you will lose.


Turning to the playing field of the online Color Blocks game, you will be faced with the task of filling out a full vertical or horizontal line so that it disappears. The whole difficulty is that the figures cannot be rotated. And they are issued immediately in three pieces, and until you use them up, you will not be able to see the next set.