"Catapultz.io" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Catapultz.io


Ready for an insane game where you'll have an exciting battle...on catapults? Yes, you're not wrong! Although this is not the era of Antiquity, you can win only with this ancient but very effective weapon. Point, aim, and release! You must shoot your enemies, and you must do so quickly, because your enemies are cunning and crafty! Kill your opponents twenty times to win. But try to minimize your risks. After all, some of your rivals may complete the task faster than you, so be careful! Fun gameplay that you can master very quickly, no time to think, clever bots and, as a result, balanced gameplay, the ability to choose your own avatar and set user name. Play on any device. We wish you good luck!


Drag, aim and release! Launch your catapult at your opponents.