"Bluetique House Escape" Game

Original title: Bluetique House Escape


The essence of this game is that you must solve many complex puzzles in order to find your way out of an enclosed room. On each level of this game, different puzzles are waiting for you, more and more difficult. But we are sure that you will succeed. After all, you are clever and very dexterous.

Develop useful qualities, together with the game - Bluetique House Escape!

This game is ideal for both boys and girls of different age groups. After all, to develop the above qualities, it is never too late. There is no time limit, solve puzzles, you can as much as you want.

Also here, you can compete with your friends about who of you will solve all the puzzles faster. Develop and have fun, together with the game - Bluetique House Escape. Good luck and have a good time!