"Blackjack Tournament" Game

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Original title: Blackjack Tournament


Blackjack Tournament is a fascinating card game with very simple rules. Your main goal is to score 21 points from the cards that will be dealt to you one by one. You need to keep a close eye on the cards you have, to see if you need to take another card, or if it's time to stop. Calculating how many points you have in your hand is easy: all the cards correspond to their numbers, and the jack, queen and king give you ten points each. And the ace can have two values: eleven points or just one. You can choose whichever is more advantageous to you. The color of the suit doesn't matter, it's only the number of points the card gives that matters. To win, you'll need your logical thinking and a little luck. Have fun playing!


Bet and try to get as close as possible of 21.