"Baby Hazel First Rain" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Baby Hazel First Rain


Enjoy a rainy day with Baby Hazel and her friend Bunny. Oh no! Calm the little girl down when she gets scared of the thunder and rain. But we're sure she'll love them. After all, there are faithful friends waiting for her in the garden, with whom she'll have fun. Let them play, because Hazel can be so mischievous! Enjoy every moment of this adorable game. The beginning is "Hazel Welcomes the Rain." The girl and her pet Bunny are playing in the house, but they notice it's raining. Calm them down so they're not afraid of the weather and go out to play! "Hazel's ready!" - the girl calls her friends to have fun together in the rain. "Hazel plays in the rain," the fun has finally begun. Put on your raincoat and special shoes so you're not afraid to get wet and have as much fun as possible! And then it's "Bath Time" - after such a walk, you need to take a shower and change into dry clothes.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.