"Atari Centipede" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Atari Centipede


Huge centipedes have taken over your home planet and have made a lair in the dark forest that you must destroy before the centipedes get to you. Atari Centipede will take you straight to the place where you last saw these terrible monsters, be ready to fight back.

Become a monster hunter in an exciting game

Get behind the wheel of the tank and go in search of centipedes. When you find an aggressive monster will begin its movement in your direction. You need to aim your guns, and open fire. If you're all good with marksmanship, you will cope with the centipede attacking you without much difficulty. To defeat the monster, you need to destroy all the body parts that it consists of. Be careful, because the enemy will shoot acid at you. To prevent your tank from exploding move around the battlefield. Try to hold out as long as possible to earn a lot of points.