"Among Them: Craft Mod" Game

Original title: Among Them: Craft Mod


It is a wonderful world in which an ordinary hero named Steve spends his life. Many obstacles appear in his way that prevent him from fulfilling his wishes. He, as a brave hero, fights various zombies and tries to survive the zombie apocalypse. Meinkraft: Labyrinth is a fun game in which our main character named Steve has an unusual adventure ahead of him. He will have to wade through long mazes, looking for a way out. The game consists of multiple levels and each level is a separate labyrinth. Around every corner there may be one or more green creepers, who, as always, are attempting on your life. Luckily you have a bow to easily kill the creepers and move on. Memorize all the turns not to get lost in the maze. Save your arrows so that the enemies can't surround you and kill you. Complete level after level and have fun.


destroy block
build block
choose block to build
show/hide cursor
show/hide FAQ