"2D Car Racing" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: 2D Car Racing


In the game 2D Car Racing fans of racing and adrenaline waiting for a high-speed track and the best racing cars. The first track is ready for you and five of your rivals are already lined up at the start. Whether you can overtake them depends only on the speed of your reaction and the desire to win. Before you start the race, with all seriousness take the choice of vehicle. Carefully study all the characteristics of cars that the game offers you, because your result depends on them. Once at the start, focus all of your attention on the starting traffic light. As soon as the light turns green, at full speed rush forward. Your rivals are just waiting for you to be confused and slow down a little bit. Remember, as soon as one of your rivals pulls ahead, it will be quite difficult to catch up with him. The advantage of this arcade game is the ability to arrange the race, not only against computer bots, but also to invite your comrade to the competition. Agree, it is interesting when someone you know takes part in the game, and you can find out which of you is worthy to wear the title of the king of the track.


Move: “W,A,S,D”
Power-ups: “T”

Power-ups: “P”