"10 Blocks" Game

Original title: 10 Blocks


In this game you need to arrange all the figures so that they do not leave any empty space. Place them against each other, and then you can win. They will be different shapes, so you need to calculate at once, which one and how one of them will become. This is a very important part to win, believe me, it's never too late to think it through again. Try to arrange the pieces so that they take up all the space, and not a single empty square is left. When you fill the row completely, it will disappear and it will lead you to victory. But be very careful, because this game is like life.


10 Blocks puzzle game is addicting brain tester game play. You need to place the given blocks on grid, while trying to fill up with grid rowscolumns blocks will disappear when are filled up horizontally or vertically. Always plan for next move because some blocks are not easy to fit in. You can use GRAVITY BUTTON once. Use it if you feeling stuck.