The Elder Scrolls Online and a trip to the Khajiit homeland

ZeniMax has announced an event that will soon be added to its MMORPG. Players will go to Elsweyr - the home of the anthropomorphic cats from The Elder Scrolls universe. Here users can experience battles with dragons and other quests, experience bonuses, and treasure chests. Takes place from January 26 to February 7 this year.

Protecting Elsweyr from Dragons in The Elder Scrolls Online

All event participants are entitled to a prize box, which may contain jewels of three degrees of rarity, treasure maps, equipment, kit items, and craft resources. The developers also promise a prize to anyone who takes on a weekly mission. In addition, the event offers daily missions and special bonuses for completing the quest Bane of Dragons. All this action will unfold in the southern and northern regions of Elsweyr, suffering from the invasion of dragons. And since the country is under threat, users will also find dungeons with bosses. Finally, all combatants will receive an increased amount of experience for their exploits.

To get to the land Khajiits and take part in the event, you need to make sure you have an account with one of the add-ons: Elsweyr, Dragonhold, Wrathstone or Scalebreaker. They are available with an ESO Plus subscription, as well as on the Crown Store in-game. Then grab the Bane of Dragons quest, available for free, and you're good to go on a new adventure.

23 January 2023