Treasure Hunt in the new addition Star Conflict

The developers of the space MMO-action game Star Conflict presented an update to version 1.11.4, which focuses on the contract "In Search of the Lost Shuttle". In it, gamers must discover the wrecked ship on the outskirts of the universe, examine it, fight off the guards and transfer the data to "Legacy. Success in the task is rewarded with valuable prizes and a place in the rankings.

Star Conflict Version 1.11.4 Details

To get the mission, users must go to the Mediator. According to him, the organization "Ancestral Legacy" is looking for a shuttle with a certain artifact on board, and the ship itself is missing somewhere in the area of the imperial dump. You must go to the specified sector, find the desired transport among the drifting debris, scan its contents, and then send the files to the customers. But it's not so easy to make the operation, because the junkyard is guarded by imperial mercenaries controlled by artificial intelligence. Therefore, a group of gamers intent on completing the mission must distribute roles in the squad and act together.

It is known that the participants of the operation will be distributed according to the rating, the results of which will be picked up on April 3 this year. Pilots from the first dozen of leaders will receive game currency, paint for the ship, a unique taunt, a portrait and the title of "seeker of antiquities. And anyone in the top half-hundred at the top of the list will be the recipients of a smaller set of rewards and the titles of "Artful Seeker" or "Winged Thief." In addition, until March 23 the official website will offer a 50% discount on all DLC to the game, including the current one.

19 March 2023