Maori with a sniper rifle: a major Warface update

An update has been released for multiplayer shooter Warface, opening access to the PvE mission "Canyon: Invasion," items, camouflages and achievements, as well as an agent from the New Zealand nation - a girl named Sonny. It all ties in with the start of another season called New Power. Let's talk about these and other changes in the game in more detail.

How will Warface change by the end of 2022?

The first thing worth mentioning is the mission "Canyon: Invasion", where a team of gamers must defeat enemies under the control of artificial intelligence and break into the vault at a secret base. Reaching the goal is not easy, because the squad of heroes gets between the hammer and anvil of two opposing factions. But not to worry, in the battle to help upgrade the arsenal, including weapons from the set of "Black Friday", equipped with ethnic ornaments. The developers have also updated the list of contracts and added weapon mods for those who are ready to fight for the reward.
Sonny Kickland, the new agent with the call sign Maori, really does come from an aboriginal tribe in New Zealand. She has a doctorate in anthropology and has long researched the customs of the Polynesian peoples, but her good intentions led her to join the ranks of mercenaries. Taking a rifle with a telescopic sight, Maori began to fight criminals. Along with her a special sniper set became available in Warface.

25 November 2022