Online game "Warface"

  • Release date:
    21 October 2013
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 — 64-bit
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Core i5 3470 / AMD Athlon 240GE
  • RAM:
    6 Gb
  • Graphics card:
    GeForce 1050 Ti / Radeon R9 380, Direct X 11
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:
    1 Mbps

Warface Game Review

Everyone probably heard about Warface one way or another. The game was developed by Crytek, the studio responsible, by the way, for the Crysis series. And in 2012, when Warface came out, it became the first conditional free-to-play AAA-class shooter with such a high level of graphics and technology in general. Ten years have passed. What is the game today? We tell you more in our review.

About special operations

When Warface first came out, some people for some reason expected almost a new Counter Strike or Battlefield - because the game was developed by the authors of Crysis. But it turned out more casual shooter that bets not on the realism and tactics, and the availability and diversity of modes, maps, missions and content in general (although the place for the tactics too, found). It may have upset some people, but practice and time have shown that this approach turned out to be optimal.

And if we talk about the modes, there really are a lot - as in PvE (designed to battle with computer opponents), and in PvP (players vs. players). And one of the calling cards are special operations, which tell about the confrontation between the two factions - the "good" Warface and "bad" Blackwood.
However, everyone here has his own truth, and even among the peacekeepers can find their own monsters and traitors, as told in one of the special operations. Each of them is a separate scenario, quite branched out and extended, which is accompanied by spectacular comic strips and offers to perform tasks in a variety of conditions and locations

We attack missile bases in North Africa, run after one of the Blackwood leaders in a bizarre huge skyscraper, explore a scientific complex located in the mouth of a volcano, fight cybernetic zombies (the results of dangerous Blackwood experiments) in Eastern Europe, go to Pripyat, in Chernobyl NPP, where experiments on creating super-soldiers are also conducted. And even fly ... to Mars to save the colonists from the zombie cyborgs. And in one of the special operations already play as Blackwood operatives and attack the bank to destroy the compromise stored there.
At the same time, each such mission takes place in several stages, with constantly changing conditions, objectives and tasks. For example, in "Operation Anubis" first our squad breaks through with a fight forward, then holds a circular defense, carefully overcomes the ravine, where mines are hidden in the water, takes by storm a huge complex, prevents another experiment, and in the final stage at the evacuation point the soldiers get into a sandstorm and fight with zombie-cyborgs

Battles with reinforced bosses, the ability to explore the territory in search of resources needed to advance in the scenario, dashing armored personnel carrier rides, sledding with the helicopter, which you must certainly shoot down - there are tests for every taste. And everything is accompanied by good directing, dynamic cut-scenes, forcing you to remember even the Call of Duty story campaigns. Well, and in general the story, consisting of separate special operations, looks, if not the most original, but quite interesting.
Roughly the same, only on a smaller scale, happens in separate PvE missions, which are updated daily. Like special operations, you have to complete them in co-op with other players, and they come in different levels of difficulty. And the opportunity to play on the "pro" is not opened immediately.

About PvP Modes

However, no matter how much interesting special operations and PvE-missions, the main in Warface are still modes where players fight with each other. They are also very much - and there are both unique proprietary developments, as well as variations of the classic modes. In addition to battles in the format of "every man for himself", team against team, "bombing", capture and hold control points (mode "Domination") "capture the flag" there are other fun

For example, during "Blitz," the team is given 90 seconds to defuse an explosive that has already been planted. In "Annihilation" to win you must call in three air strikes on enemy positions - and each time to do so you have to hold the control point, which is located in the center of the map. And after the air strike itself there is destruction on the level, making it much harder to move around the map to the next target.
"Assault" involves capturing not just control points on the map, but entire enemy strongholds - the location is very large, so you have to assault three enemy bases in succession. Very unusual is the mode "Arsenal" - here, teams are encouraged to shoot with different types of weapons, performing specific tasks for each gun. Then the weapons automatically change - and the team that first tries the entire arsenal wins

In "Survival" players are not divided into teams, and play for themselves, but their task - not to run and shoot each other, but rather, as long as possible to remain undetected, stealthily removing his opponents. Finally, Warface even has its own "Battle Royale", where everyone starts without a single gun in hand, and therefore has to search all around and constantly run to check the containers that are periodically dropped from the plane.

And then there are clan battles in the game (each maximum of 50 people, there is a separate clan ranking) and tournaments in Warface PRO.Summer Legends - this year the prize fund was 6 million rubles, and in the tournament among others was attended by such a famous team as

About classes and weapons

Gameplay in Warface is quite standard, but again with its own features and tricks. Participating in all the above modes, defeating enemies, we gain experience, grow in levels (ranks), which opens up new weapons, modules for it and new opportunities - for example, allows in PvE-missions to play at the level of difficulty "pro" and gives access to the same clans. In addition, we earn "crowns" - the main currency in the game - for which you can buy in the store more cool and rare than the usual rewards equipment. More precisely, not even to buy, but to rent for a limited time.

Classes are also pretty standard, although not without the twists. Available in five classes. Stormtroopers, as usual, act on the front line of the attack, using assault rifles and machine guns, but can also replenish the ammunition from their comrades. Medics are equipped with shotguns, but their main task is, understandably, to treat comrades with first aid kits and lift critically wounded with a defibrillator

Engineers use submachine guns, plant anti-personnel mines, and repair the armor of comrades. Snipers do what snipers are supposed to do - they have no other tasks. Finally, the fifth class, the highlight, is SEDs - very slow, but also very strong cyborgs, capable of using grenade launchers and other heavy weapons. They cannot be knocked to the ground at point-blank range, but they are particularly vulnerable in close combat. If an SED falls and fails, only an engineer can bring it back into combat with a special defibrillator.
Playing for a particular class, we are not pumping up the class, but in general raise the level of the account. Directly on the effectiveness of the assault rifleman, sniper, medic, engineer or SED affects the received and purchased equipment

Equipment in Warface a lot, it differs in their characteristics, and the weapons are also divided into a class and publicly available. But in fact publicly available little - mostly different types of knives and guns. But assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, grenade launchers, all these AK-47, Remington 870 RAS, SR-2 "Veresk", Desert Eagle, H&K G36C "Saiga", "Vepr" and other models are available only to their profile specializations. Almost all of them can be fitted with a variety of ammunition - sights, flame arrestors, bipods, silencers, tactical grips, and so on. But first you have to unlock them from the supplier - just like the weapons are unlocked first from the supplier, and only then become available for purchase or rent.

In addition, for some types of weapons you can install mods that increase some characteristics and reduce others - for example, increasing the rate of fire or speed when moving sideways, but reducing the accuracy.
This system was introduced relatively recently to diversify the weapons used and allow players to customize them more precisely. It can also make useful again old guns from the supplier, which you probably haven't used for a long time. And in recent updates, the authors even decided to remove most of the negative effects from the mods just on the old weapons to extend their life even further.

Each gun has its own set of mods, and they are opened gradually as you play with this weapon and level up your skill with it - the higher it is, the greater the range of modifications. Mods come in different rarities up to the legendary, and many of them are also allowed to pump. But not enough to open the modifications themselves, you need to create them, and this requires earning a special resource - details. They are mainly given for pumping weapons and items, as well as for the performance of contracts, which are actually analogous to the achievements / tests - "to inflict so many thousands of damage from such and such an assault rifle", "to play 30 games in PvP" and so on.

How does it play?

Given the large number of modes and weapons, as well as the presence of cyborgs, Warface is certainly never boring. And the long and intense special operations are a separate conversation and a source of pride for the authors. If you think that missions with bots in similar games - they're all easy and designed only for training and rapid pumping, then try special operations from Warface, and the evening will immediately cease to be languid.

The presence of such a level of PvE-content makes the game interesting even for those who, in principle, particularly not like multiplayer action - Warface in these modes feels like a very good single shooter in the spirit of Call of Duty.

Of course, if we are talking about online battles, someone will claim that it all decides donat and there are cheaters. Well, cheaters - the pain and sorrow of all free-to-play shooters, and the developers, of course, assure that they are constantly improving their program to combat them, and asked to actively complain about the offenders.
As for donations and micropayments, no one hides the fact that Warface is a free-to-play game with all the implications. There is a battle pass, events, seasons, daily tasks, seasonal contracts, different types of currencies ("warbucks" are purchased only for real money) and a built-in store. And it sells not only cosmetic items, but also various boosters, premium passes, rare and legendary cannons, which for warbucks can be bought for eternal use, not for rent.

And if you aimed at the top of the PvP rankings, then you should probably get ready for the fact that you have to shell out some money. But first of all, the authors constantly emphasize that they are trying to make more accessible and diverse offers in stores, or here, as we have told, absolutely free prolong the life of old weapons with a system of mods.

In addition, a special feature of Warface is that even the "donaters" here can not relax. Battles are very dynamic, often gunfights take place on narrow, small maps, where it is easy to catch a bullet from a newcomer. Therefore, much depends not only on the equipment (although it also depends on it), but also on the skill of intelligent play - the network can even find detailed guides on how and when to use tactical grenades and where to throw them. This, too, turns out to be a whole art.
Not to mention elementary things - you need to occupy advantageous positions (thanks maps in this sense almost all quite interestingly designed), play in a team, performing those roles that are provided by your class (that is, the medic should treat, not assault), if possible agree with the team before the match on the tactics of action and know the rules of game modes. If you know them, you won't have any questions as to why the engineer should be the one working with the bomb in Blitz and Subversion.

In general, the distribution of roles, as in any team shooter, is a very important thing. And if you see in the lobby of the match that the squad is recruited 4 snipers, it is better to take the medic, not a sniper. Another interesting feature of team play is the ability to drop your comrades off, which allows you to get to hard-to-reach places and take advantage of tactical positions or, for example, bypass enemies on the flanks. So if you see someone from comrades asks to plant it, do not run past. And in general it's better to run in Warface in pairs at least - to cover each other or to use such "hook-ups".


As you can see, despite some casualness of the game, which we mentioned at the beginning of the review, Warface is quite a tactical and challenging shooter. This combination of accessibility, dynamics, abundance of interesting modes, maps, weapons and tactical possibilities works in such a magical way that once you enter the game, you often want to come back here.

Zarium. September 2022