It's about to get hot: the announcement of "Wintergreen" in Lost Ark

From May 24 in the MMORPG Lost Ark event will start "Wintergreen", the start of which is timed to coincide with the release of the update "Fleche". Through special steles, which will soon appear in all the cities on the map, the heroes will be able to go on raids against the united Guardians and earn valuable trophies in battle. Of course, not all the inhabitants of the servers are invited to the battle, and they will also have a few features, which we will tell you about below.

Details of "Winterfall" in Lost Ark

An example of the Winterfall Raid sculpture, which allows you to challenge the Guardians, can be seen in the screenshot. Not everyone will be able to interact with this stele, but only those heroes who have reached level 50 and own equipment with a rating of 250 or higher. The rest of the last spring update will be available to other activities, but not this. Take part in the battle capable of both singles and squads of four gamers - in this case, triggered the option "Balance", which will equalize the characteristics of the characters from the team. In return, everyone gets an arsenal where you can replenish consumables and change equipment at any time between battle stages.

It is known that the awarding of rewards for winning and updating the list of enemies will occur once a day. The main thing is not to forget to take from the battlefield chest, where lie the silver tokens to exchange for various useful items. The latter include gold tokens, images, legendary decks and amber sugar. By taking the goodies to the chef in your personal manor you can increase your character's health, as well as the efficiency of healing, movement speed and attack speed.

20 May 2023