Lost Ark invites you to fight for trophies again

It was recently announced that with the Pandemonium update Lost Ark will add a number of challenges, including the Chambers of Chaos and the Path of Eternity. Output patch is scheduled for March 22 this year - in addition to the already listed events, it will offer gamers to fight with monsters in raids, go down for loot in dungeons, change the skills of different classes and take part in guild activities. Let's find out more about what awaits the users of the famous MMORPG in the first month of spring.

Testing the Pandemonium in Lost Ark

After installing the update on the servers will be available raids on the Overlord of the Scourge of Illiakan, and then on Sonavera. In both battles can participate heroes with an equipment level of 1580 or higher. Players will be given the chance to change the skills and features of their characters to make them more effective in PvP and other activities. But the main interest cause trials - Chambers of Chaos and the Way of Eternity. It makes sense to take them only if you have already completed the "Broken Cage" quest and gained the aforementioned level of equipment.

Victories in the Chambers of Chaos will earn you various materials, amulets, jewelry, a manuscript to enter the next challenge, or an elite ticket to the Guardian Club. Among the trophies for feats on the Path of Eternity, heroes can get gems of vengeance and icy flame, as well as paintings "Vision of a Demon", "Three Ancients" and "Solar Eclipse". The corresponding manuscript, which cannot be sold or given as a gift, helps to get into the dungeon - it must be obtained and used only in battle.

12 March 2023