Destiny 2 opens the Deep to gamers

Bungie has announced that from May 23 to August 22, Destiny 2, an MMO action game, will have a "Season of the Deep". In it, the heroes will face monsters from the Hive and continue to pursue the Witness - the main villain of the "End of the World" add-on, which has now received another portion of the story and even unexpected mechanics. Of course, only those who bought the DLC will be able to take part in new battles and be rewarded for them.

More about the Abyss in Destiny 2

The story begins with the sudden appearance in space of Saturn's once-vanished satellite Titan, from where the Guardians' base receives a signal from a familiar character to fans named Sloane. The heroes must go to the site to deal with the problem and at the same time find out how the new location is connected to the Witness' past. But in order to find the answers you must dive to the bottom of the methane ocean and fight hundreds of dangerous enemies. The developers say that in the ruins of liquefied gas you can find valuable items created with the technology of the Golden Age, and at the same time get a few combat trophies. The effects of the dives will accumulate and advance the story.

For the first time in the game there is an opportunity to fish - an activity just in time to rest between missions. More for the activities will give unique rewards, timed to the cooperation with PlayStation Studios. It will be possible, for example, to get clothes from Assassin's Creed for your character or decorate weapons with cordyceps outgrowths in the style of The Last of Us. There are also decorations unrelated to other projects - such as appearance types inspired by the nautical theme.

25 May 2023