Online game "World of Chaos"

World of Chaos
  • Release date:
    17 November 2020
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / 8.1 / 10 — 64bit
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Core 2 Duo
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    RAM 128Mb, DirectX 9.0c
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:

World of Chaos Game Review

World of Chaos is a free-to-play role-playing game that can be launched directly in your browser without loading a separate client on your computer. Here is something to do for both the individual and for a team of gamers. The project features a bright design and its other feature is that battles are held automatically, while the hero develops even when the user is not sitting at the monitor. To succeed in a fabulous world, just periodically click and make simple actions in the menu sections. It is this simple gameplay distinguishes MMORPG with elements of the genre of IDLE, that is "lazy game". Let's understand what is remarkable about this format and the work itself.

Getting to know World of Chaos

The first thing worth noting is that there is another RPG with the same name - it was released on PC in August 2007. It was a single-player RPG, and it didn't have a choice of characters - you took upon yourself a role of a horrible orc who suddenly realized that deep down he was kind. But today we'll talk about another World of Chaos - multiplayer one, more modern and, truth to say, much more spectacular. Its design is impressive from the first minutes and will be especially enjoyable for those who appreciate the classics of the genre with isometric view - like Diablo II or Beyond Divinity.
The plot does not shine with originality: the game takes place in a fairy-tale world, which was attacked by mutants, demons and other creatures. Heroes must deal with this plague, so that the good will win. To start the adventure have to register on the official website, adding your e-mail and password, and then choose a character. There are not much to choose from - there's a warrior, a mage and a priest - but each character is drawn properly and really unique in his abilities. Right up to the fact that the items obtained as a reward for battles, suitable for one class and not suitable for another. For example, if you play as a warrior, he still picks up items from the killed enemies of the priest and mage. The most useful thing you can do with them is to take them apart.

World of Chaos harnesses you quickly, sending you onto the battlefield as soon as you choose your class. And a friendly character immediately appears nearby - as a bonus the newcomer is handed a partner controlled by artificial intelligence. Both fighters destroy monsters automatically, and you can not switch to manual mode. You can except by clicking the icon on the right above and go from the battle location in a peaceful town where you have to decide where to go and who to talk to. Here the players have a rest between the battles and waiting for the attention of the characters issuing tasks. The event ambassador, for example, will provide you with a pass to the current event, Jasmin will open a series of fights in the Dungeons, and Aimee will allow you to summon bosses to fight with them for prizes.
These and other battles can alternate as you like. The main battle mode is arranged as follows: the hero and his partner are running around the location, destroying all the enemies on their way, and after a while there is a sign that the stage change - if you click on it, the arena will be summoned to the boss. And so on in a circle, time after time. From time to time you have to click on the special hit icon if the situation becomes particularly dangerous. But all in all, this is the case when the game passes itself. The mode that opens up to you next is the skirmishes with the bosses. They are always with you: you can summon any monster from the available set at any time and defeat it for a reward.

Dungeons are almost the same battles with bosses, but here you have to pass them in series, one after another. And in between the main monsters you have to destroy their minions. But the prize for victory here is bigger: the winner receives not only coins and experience points, but also a whole set of resources - it's no coincidence that one of the sections of the mode is called "Dungeons of Materials". Also available are "Labyrinth of Shadows", "Legendary Challenge" and "Ruins of Ares".

The next challenge, "Bloody Altar", is the responsibility of an urban character named Sidar. After talking to this sinister gentleman, you must repel several waves of monsters, and at the end of the battle you will receive a reward. If the hero did poorly, he'll be given the contents of two or three chests, and if he wins perfectly, he'll be given all five chests. Finally, who would like to change the AI partner, are free to go to the city to Trask - and go to the "Tower of Heroes. This is where you can get a new computer ally for the destruction of the enemy, if the old one does not suit you.
Now the surprise: to challenge the enemy under the control of artificial intelligence allows "Arena". Of course, there are traditionally enough live opponents, but at first it is useful to try your strength on the bots, and the mode just gives such an opportunity. Peculiarity of the skirmishes in the Arena is that the winner receives all the equipment of the defeated. Although you can get things for the hero in other ways - for example, by getting rid of monsters in free mode.

At the end of each important battle World of Chaos gives him a grade. If it says "Good" or "Perfect", everything is fine, but after "Bad" or "Terrible" you have to change something. This means that the hero is not up to the strength and capabilities of the enemies he encountered. And despite automatic combat, it's up to the player to make his ward stronger. Manually.

How does pumping work?

In World of Chaos is a surprisingly diverse and deep system of character development, as for a browser-based MMORPG. The basic parameters of any hero are four - health, attack, physical and magical defense. In total they give power - the main indicator of your coolness, placed in the upper left corner of the screen. There are a lot of ways to boost your power. Rewards in battle are primarily gold - a ringing coin used to strengthen skills. For example, the class warrior from the start pumps "decapitation" and "killing soul", with 40-level receives "Circular Execution", and with 60th - "the blessing of the dragon's blood". A mage and a priest have their own special tricks, which require exactly the same investment.
The characteristics improve and replacement of the worn things: breastplate, helmet, boots, wristbands, rings and pendants. As soon as you manage to get something sensible, you should click on the icon of automatic equipment renewal, so the old things go into the bag, and the new ones take their place on your character. But that's not all: the game allows you to separately improve the parts of the body hero and items put on him - the first action uses special stones, issued in almost every battle, and the second is to go down into the Dungeon for the materials. No such possibility? Then forging and smelting come in handy. Unnecessary junk can be disassembled into parts to create something useful from them or modify existing items.

If that's not enough for you, you can cast spells on your weapon or armor. Also, to strengthen the hero help runes, seal and the crown, which give different bonuses to the attributes depending on their level. For example, a level 1 warrior's rune adds a lot of health points and slightly increases defense. At first, all the parameters are difficult to keep track of, but if any of them requires your attention, the game highlights his exclamation mark. And until you personally intervene, nothing will change. Grow in levels, get gold and some items the hero is able to do on his own - even when no one controls him. By approaching a tough guy named Leard in a peaceful town, you can even hire workers to dig up some valuable resources. But the game will not send your priest or mage to dangerous battles in your absence.
It is noteworthy that not only the main character is pumped, but also a computer partner. With him, however, everything is easier: the development window is only one, and raising the level increases all the basic attributes at once. Also, nothing prevents the comrade to update the closet - just as in the window of hero's equipment. Only you have to do this, again, manually. Obtain new AI companions are allowed three ways: to go to the "Tower of Heroes", to grow a new one from the collected fragments (which takes about 10 hours of real time) or simply buy for real money. Some restless people prefer the third option, which is not surprising, given the severity of the test in PvP mode. In addition, a paid VIP account allows you to have several minions at once, rather than running around with one.

Player interaction

MMORPG genre is impossible to imagine without conflicts and friendship between players. The first thing a newcomer should look for a guild to join - the required level can be reached in just a couple of days of unhurried gameplay. Membership in such community gives you several advantages: first, the guild's power influences the power of its members; second, it opens up team-battle modes, including territory battles, tournaments and even some kind of "Battle Royale". In addition, the guild provides protection. The fact is that in World of Chaos there are many ways to put the opponent a piggyback - for example, you can steal some of the loot from the excavations. Stolen can take revenge by challenging the offender. But to get into a fight with the guys from the cool guilds is not enough of a hunter.
Those who make their own way in the magical universe, rather than relying on the help of friends, can perform in the Arena. The set of opponents here is updated regularly, but without a VIP account with paid bonuses do not expect easy victory over all in a row. Unless you manage to slay a bunch of the same newcomers, barely making it to level 60 on the destruction of computer monsters. However, if you don't strive for superiority at all costs, a few duels a day will diversify your regular battles.


World of Chaos is a controversial game. Unlike most MMORPGs, it does not offer an elaborate universe, entertaining stories and wagering roles. But it is beautifully drawn, surprises by deep system of raising heroes, and it does not require much from computer or from the user. Just click once a minute with your mouse and enjoy the view of colorful battles. Entertainment just in time to pass the boring evening, rest after work or study.

July 2022