"Wooden House Escape" Game

Original title: Wooden House Escape


Imagine that you have entered a wooden house, which is located in a dark forest. Get out of it, whatever it costs you. A game that will not leave any gamer indifferent. Even if you lose, you can try to pass the level with new strength, returning to its beginning.

Become invincible in the game Wooden House Escape!

Both girls and boys can equally afford to play this game. It's hard to believe in such games are great to help develop hidden talents and skills. Forget about the fact that you have no experience in the game, because it's not the main component of success. Just a few minutes of passing will help you lift your spirits and everyone around you. You can lose track of time because of the harmonious fusion of graphics and gameplay. Intuitive interface makes the passage even more convenient and easy. The game controls will not make you lose expensive minutes to deal with it.