"Wild Rhino Hunter" Game

Original title: Wild Rhino Hunter


Play the online game Wild Rhino Hunter and develop your moving target shooting skills. In this colorful game you will find yourself in the wild jungle. You need to walk through the jungle and hunt down and kill all the rhinos. Be attentive and careful. Apply all your marksmanship skills and demonstrate your hunting skills. Walk through the thicket carefully, look around and as soon as you spot a rhino, take cover, aim and make the shot. For each animal killed you will receive bonus points. Try to find all the rhinos and get the maximum number of points. Rhinos are very cute animals and deserve a peaceful life in the wild. That's why the game Wild Rhino Hunter was created - an online rhino hunting game. This game will appeal to all fans of shooters and hunters and will allow you to practice shooting skills on animals online. To control it, use the arrow keys and the mouse or swipe your finger on the screen of your mobile device.


Please use keyboard arrows to control the hunter and use mouse for control the gun