"Water Sort Puzzle 2" Game

Original title: Water Sort Puzzle 2


Water Sort Puzzle 2 is an enjoyable puzzle game that will help you take your mind off your problems for a while and relax after a hard day's work. Your task is to pour each color into a separate flask.

It's time to experiment!

Press "Play" to start the game and two flasks of strange liquid will appear in front of you. Use your logic and wits to divide the liquid into different colors. Look carefully how they are filled. Then take the one with the most liquid and use your mouse to pour some into the other flask.

With each new level there will be more beakers and the colors in them will be very mixed up. Pour some of the liquid into the empty flask and divide the rest between the first beakers. Continue sorting until there is one color of liquid left in each flask. Did you do it quickly and accurately? Get a bonus for that!