"Vintage Glam Double Wedding" Game

Original title: Vintage Glam Double Wedding


Two young couples have decided to get married on the same day, so you have to organize a double wedding in Vintage Glam Double Wedding. Can you perform the duties of a master of ceremonies? Your task is to take care of all the preparations: choose a pair of wedding dresses for the brides, dress them, choose shoes, veils and jewelry to the dresses - the girls have to shine on the most important and meaningful day of their lives. The same actions should be carried out with the young groomsmen, who are eagerly awaiting their turn. Proceed to the design of the place where the ceremony takes place. This task is also entrusted to you. Try to do everything so that this day will be remembered by the newlyweds for a lifetime. Don't screw it up-they're counting on you.


Follow in-game instructions