Ultimate Dog Racing Game 2020

Original title: Ultimate Dog Racing Game 2020


This game is focused on winning, more than on the process. Take part in realistically recreated dog races and become the champion of the race.

Bring your pet to the finish line first when you play Ultimate Dog Racing Game 2020

We don't think you've ever been to a dog race before, it's a pretty rare pastime. But in the virtual, anything is possible and more. You don't just bet, like in real life, but you control the animal to make it the winner.

The game gives a choice of several variations of the stadium, types of games, for example, along with the dogs in the race can participate wolves. When you earn money, you can buy another dog, which is porevorny. The advantage of the game is that you can learn the breeds of dogs when you choose them.

Control your dog's speed with a quick click, and if your fingers are dexterous enough, you'll come to the finish line first.


- Play with Keyboard Up Key